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I started Bookmarked in August 2020, two years after moving to Finland and realising that there’s so much more to fiction than English and North American stories. Inspired by Ann Morgan, I set myself the challenge of reading a book from every country.

I’ve since published more than 60 issues—covering books from over a third of the world’s countries—and watched my readership grow from friends and family to dedicated readers from all over the world. I’ve read searing autofiction from Norway, a touching Wiradjuri story from Australia, and an astonishing cross-genre epic from Zambia, as well as so much more. Along the way, Bookmarked was featured in, or profiled, by Book Riot, Spark, Stories, by Substack, Splainer, Latitudes, World Fest Day by the University of Montana, Not a Newsletter, What To Read If, Biblioscope, and Weekly Filet. Every week I receive recommendations from readers, which I couldn’t be more grateful for.

Bookmarked is a free newsletter that publishes once a week. Every Saturday morning, subscribers receive a profile of one book and a list of additional recommendations.

My reading list

Here’s a list of everything I’ve read since the beginning of this project, which I update weekly. You’ll find more recommendations if you click through to the individual posts.

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A weekly newsletter that profiles one book from every country.


Tabatha Leggett is a writer, Finnish-to-English literary translator, and rights agent who is on a mission to read her way around the world.